What is an artist coach?

Professionals who help artists enhance their careers

What is an artist coach?

The term coach or coaching has been a constant in our lives for the last years, and like everything that is in vogue, it quickly spreads to any sector that we can imagine. There are business coaches, nutrition coaches, trainning coaches, singing coaches, life coaches, education coaches… Of course the art world is not far behind and artists also have the possibility of accessing their own coaching programs, depending on what they want to enhance in their careers.

Although it seems a very modern and innovative profession, the truth is that in ancient societies there was already a similar position developed by the most experienced members to instruct and develop the training of the youngest in the “art of life”.


What is an artist coach?The Therapist (1937) by René Magritte



Of course it seems very tempting to pay someone to listen to your worries and fears and help you face them, but we must not forget that a coach is not a psychologist. You will not obtain a clinical diagnosis from a session or a coaching program, as that is not the main objective of this profession. The objective of this type of "coach" is to motivate their clients to get the best out of themselves, both individually and professionally. But as it happens in all trades, each professional has his work method and values ​​that differentiate him from the rest. For this reason, it is essential to find an ‘artist coach’ that meets the needs of each artist.


There are coaches who help give a clear focus to an artistic career and help set clear goals to develop their own storytelling. They usually work with artists who have already experimented with their professional careers but still can't find their own discourse that sets them apart from other creators.


Another type of artist coach is one who works with inexperienced artists or with people who approach the art world from the perspective of creative development, rather than with the intention of developing a lucrative career. The training programs, in this case, are followed from a more personal and intimate perspective, focused on discovering the artist's new skills and his methods of expression and creation.


On the contrary, there are also professionals who specialize in the more commercial art sector and are capable of creating sales strategies capable of giving a good push to the work of those artists who do not feel completely comfortable when it comes to approaching the monetary aspect.


And finally (although there are certainly many other coaching styles in the art world) we mention those coaches who do follow a more psychotherapeutic follow-up of artistic careers. These help to work a more sensitive part related to the emotions that usually arise from the tensions, competition or rejection within this industry.

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