'Vida detenida', the photographic collection of Almodóvar

The 'pop' still lifes of the Manchego filmmaker

'Vida detenida', the photographic collection of Almodóvar



On the occasion of the 92nd edition of the Oscar Awards, which will take place this weekend, KOYAC wanted to dedicate an exclusive selection to the photographic work of Pedro Almodóvar. Being this one of the Spanish filmmakers with more influence internationally, his latest film Dolor y Gloria is presented as one of the favorites to take the king award in the category of best international film.

Dolor y Gloria (2019) closes a trilogy formed by The Law of Desire (1987) and La mala educacion (2004) and all of them coincide in having a leading filmmaker and sharing fiction and desire as a central theme. It has already been described as being, in all likelihood, the most personal project of the Manchego director, which covers film and theater creation and the impossibility of separating the creation from one's own life.

'Vida detenida', the photographic collection of Almodóvar

During the entire creative development of the film, Almodóvar only granted himself an activity that allowed him to escape the intensity of the process: photography. Vida detenida (this is how the collection has been baptized) was born almost at the same time as Dolor y Gloria and it is a set of luminous still lifes that, according to its author, functioned as an anxiolytic that released the tensions that the film had caused .

Vida detenida runs away from the concept of still life, since according to the filmmaker the objects, as well as the light, are alive and susceptible to the passage of time. A series of still lifes created from everyday objects, owned by the same author, executed under the natural light of his apartment and without any photoshop retouching. He drinks the work of Isabel Quintanilla as the main source of inspiration and predominates the color and pop air so characteristic of his feature films.

The Fresh Gallery and Marlborough have been the galleries responsible for bringing this new facet of Pedro Almodóvar to the public and now you can also get these Oscar pieces in our new selection: Artist in Focus VI: Almodóvar.

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