Urban art and the transformation of cities

Mur0ne is the artist who renews public spaces with his street art



Íker Muro is the artist who hides behind the pseudonym mur0ne and, despite appearing to be an act of destiny, Muro did not end up painting walls around the world for a child's vocation.


This designer and illustrator originally from Tenerife has given life back to hundreds of public spaces that from the beginning had gone unnoticed. But his success did not come overnight. In its beginnings, coinciding with the millennium change, Muro had to constantly fight with all those neighbors who complained about his activity. And is that convincing the value of your work to those who have no interest in art, is not an easy task.


The problem (or the great advantage, as you look at it) of urban art is its strength to interact with the city and its inhabitants. With words from the artist himself:


“The merit of the artist who works in the street lies in bringing the individual closer to an artistic vision of the environment, without pretensions, without speeches. We put our grain of sand in the development of cities and that impacts. We perform a value linked to the design of cities, transform places that have gone unnoticed and give them value. ”

Urban art and the transformation of cities

Urban art and the transformation of cities



At that time the bureaucratic boundaries were much more diffuse and literally could take over the streets. He used that power with awareness and struggled to offer an improvement of the environment, leaving his mark on him. With some nostalgia he remembers that time as a period of freedom, in which they were able to paint the streets without problems or fines.


What has moved the artist from Tenerife from the beginning has been the feeling of satisfaction by transforming spaces into a state of abandonment and deterioration and, despite the fact that over time the order has been imposed and the bureaucracy has won the battle to spontaneity , it is still worth going through all the paperwork if the final result is taken into account.


Today, it is already the town councils around the world who come to mur0ne to offer a project to improve their cities. The biggest challenges are proposed by states with lower economic funds, but still they are the ones that end up assuming greater learning (artistic and human) for Iker.


Each project is different, depending on the conditions and facilities of the environment, but the creation process is usually quite similar. In all cases, the artist affirms that he feels that he is fighting in a ring with himself, until, at a certain moment, he manages to dispel all doubts and clarify the final idea of ​​what he wants for space. At present, his biggest obsession is geometric and abstract shapes.

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