The shows you can’t miss this summer in Barcelona

We highlight four art shows you can’t miss if you happen to visit Barcelona this summer.

The shows you can’t miss this summer in Barcelona



During these last years, Barcelona became a required stop for those visiting Europe during the summer season. The Pedrera or the Miró Foundation, for instance, are some of the most emblematic tourist attractions of the Catalan city. However, the city has also a lot more to offer regarding the contemporary art scene, beyond its amazing weather and food. Hence, at KOYAC, we have chosen four art shows you can’t miss if you happen to visit Barcelona during the following months.

It’s not what you think by Elmgreen and Dragset at Blueproject Foundation

From 07/06/2019 to 27/10/2019 


In this show, Elmgreen and Dragset have transformed one of the gallery spaces of the Blueproject Foundation aiming to question, once again, the concept of the white cube. In this particular case, the couple has installed several pipes that intertwine and simulate a boiler room. The metallic material and the large size of the pipes dominate the gallery space. However, the particular chromatic palette is also a crucial element of the installation. Elmgreen and Dragset coated the metallic pipes with pastel colours. Despite, this might seem like a decision stemming from the desire of creating a tranquil, pleasant environment, it’s quite the opposite. These colours make clear reference to the pigments used to cover the pills used against HIV such as Atripla, Stribild and Isentress.

The shows you can’t miss this summer in Barcelona

The shows you can’t miss this summer in Barcelona

Christian Marclay: Compositions at MACBA

From 12/04/2019 to 24/09/2019 

In this show, many different sonic works from the artist have been displayed, ranging from his graphic music sheets to his video installation. In his body of work, Marclay explores constantly the relationship between video and sound. He's especially interested in the different ways sounds makes itself visible. Every piece is different from the other in the sense that the creative process is distinct. The artist assures, despite working with different materials and mediums, that every single piece he makes is influenced by music. 


Antoni Tàpies. Profound Certainty at Fundación Antoni Tàpies 

From 14/03/2019 to  29/09/2019


In 1991, Tàpies made a series of work on a material he used to cover the floor of his studio. Despite he had already used that synthetic material before, it was the first time he was employing it in a significant volume of works. In that show - through the use of his recognizable imagery - the artist explores the idea of pain and death as something inevitably embedded in the concept of existence. This exploration is not about victimizing one’s self but about learning to live with the finite nature of our own existence. This idea of alluding to existence through the concept of suffering stems from Tàpies known interest in Buddhist philosophy. This year, the foundation has decided to show Profound Certainty and display again those. In addition, these pieces are shown along with bronze and chamotte clay sculptures made during the same period. 

The shows you can’t miss this summer in Barcelona

The shows you can’t miss this summer in Barcelona

Richard Learoyd. The silence of the camera obscura at the Fundación Mapfre Casa Garriga i Nogués 

From 05/06/2019 to 8/09/2019


Learoyd’s work is known for his ability to find a balance between hyperrealism and expressionism. In this occasion, the Fundación Mapfre presents a series of photographs taken by the artist during the last decade. Curated by Sandra Phillips, the show included mainly portraits of dressed and nude models in his studio. However, Learoyd also tackles other themes such as animals, landscapes and dark mirrors. All these 51 works included in this display share a serious tone as well as, a certain tenderness. In addition, all of them respond to the classic genres of academic painting: portraiture, landscape and still life. 

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