Now you can tour the buildings of the Bauhaus that were never built

Bauhaus Everywhere is the new Google Arts & Culture game that makes it posible

Now you can tour the buildings of the Bauhaus that were never built



Bauhaus Everywhere is already the largest online collection of objects, digital history and archives of the mythical school, which has been carried out to this day. With it you can explore all the disciplines of the German school of art and architecture and also discover some innovations that can make it the new attraction of the Google platform.

For those who do not know Google Arts & Culture, it is a cultural content platform armed by experts from the art, history and global culture sector. Thanks to this proposal, it is possible to make a 360 immersion in the Bauhaus universe, from its origins 100 years ago to the influence that it still has today in the most common objects of our daily lives.

For this collaboration, the Google team has had the participation of the following institutions: the Bauhaus Dessau, the FAGUS factory, the Guggenheim, the IIT Institute of Design, the Boston Museum of Decorative Arts, the Getty Research Institute and the Museum of Design Excellence. All of them have given access to their documents, databases and files with which a total of 45 online exhibitions are configured, with more than 10,000 objects and 400 digitized images.

The Art Camera has been the main tool to develop this ambitious project, since its high resolution in gigapixels has allowed to reach those tiny details that are not reachable by human eye. Thanks to her, we can enter, in maximum detail, the buildings of Mies Van der Rohe, the photos of Marcel Breuer and also at parties and in the admission processes of the German school.

Thanks to the well-known Street View application, it has never been easier to visit the bowels of the institutions, workshops and museums of the school without the need to make endless queues or stick to the established schedules. Each of these locations, carefully located on the map, is accompanied by their respective explanations.

So far everything is great, but there is still more; This project makes it possible that we can now also visit those buildings that were never built, such as Marcel Breuer's Bambo House, Carl Fieger's Rundhaus and Edward Ludwig's Court House.

Pocket Gallery has worked hand in hand with architects and engineers of the Bauhaus house to reinterpret, thanks to the augmented reality function, the sketches, notes and preserved archives of these forgotten projects.

That the Bauhaus ‘is everywhere’ has not been a joke. Now, with the ARCore (android) and ARKit (iPhone) applications you can immerse yourself in the most iconic miniatures of the Bauhaus from the very living room of your house.

Who knows, maybe Lewis Carroll's Wonderland wasn't just a story, after all.

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