Mina Hamada: colour, energy and good vibes

We have asked her to share with us her favourite artworks. Do you want to check them? Explore her selection clicking here. 


Through brilliant and colours and infinite shapes that create her own universe, Mina Hamada tries to spread happiness wherever she goes. Freedom and spontaneity are two of the most important mainstays of both her life and her work. It’s about enjoying and making others enjoy too: “There was a time when I was considering doing something not only for me, but also for the others. Each person has to find what he is good at, and I think that for me is what I’m doing now: painting and sharing happiness”.

We see an obvious prevalence of vivid colours, happy and vigorous. Everything is colour. What is your relationship with colour? Where does it come from and where is this relationship going?

Colours are my inspiration; they give me emotions – generally happiness. It’s a curious fact that I use many colours to create my works and, however I don’t like wearing so many colours and most of my clothing is black, as I like to be a bit hidden. Especially after moving to Barcelona, where I was probably influenced, as there is everyday happiness to be expressed. I don’t know where I’m going, but I also want to create works with a small range of colours, even in black and white. Everything free, wherever I want!


Photo: Mina Hamada by Leticia Díaz

Mina Hamada: colour, energy and good vibes

Mina Hamada: colour, energy and good vibes

Photo: Mina Hamada by Carlos Hernandez

As well as colour, your work is also shape. When talking about your work it’s commonly described as abstract, but there are many figures in your pieces – human figures, birds, trees... they look like landscapes whose characters are interrelated, and where there’s even a story to tell. Is this correct? What is behind your figures?

I’m happy to learn that you have found several figures in my work, as it is free and open to everybody, and depends to what each viewer sees in it.

I’d like that everyone could find or feel something, but there’s no need to find something figurative. It’s like I don’t want to show my perspective that much, as in my work there’s not an only correct answer. But I always try to give my work the warmness of something that has a soul. Something with life and endearment. Something similar to animals, nature, air or the environment where you feel good. I don’t know how it is, but I want it this way.


What’s before, colour or shape?



In your work, the titles of your pieces –many times in Japanese, have a determining impact, and we could say they are part of the work itself. How do you manage titling? What’s the role of titles for you?

The titles of my works are usually in Japanese, but also in Spanish or English. But it is true that Japanese language has some feeling and humidity. I like it quite a lot. Actually, deciding a title is difficult for me. Because my work comes as surprise, there is nothing prepared before.

You like working in big formats and a big part of your career has developed around street-art, paining murals in urban spaces. Why are you choosing public spaces as a background for your art? What’s your relationship with street art?

It all happened naturally, I didn’t even know that street art scene existed, nor the mural world. But when I started, it was so much fun and I loved it that much that I kept on doing it. I like to feel the environment of the place where I’m painting, to communicate with the neighbours, to feel the nature of the street and the space. To move the body and sweat, dirtying my hands. Each time is an adventure. ¡I love it!

However I also like to paint artworks in my studio, relaxed, entering my own world. Small things where I put a lot of love too. Each thing has its pleasure, and I feel very lucky to be enjoying creation.


You are quite involved in social causes. What’s the functionality of art to help the world, and how are you involved with it?

As I usually paint in public spaces, I have the opportunity to connect with the people of the street. It’s very important for me and I like it a lot, because my art is the best way for me to communicate with the world.

I hope my art reaches people’s hearts, and to share the emotion with them. Actually there was a time when I was considering doing something not only for me, but also for the others. And I thought that maybe it was more useful to look for water where there was not. But I think each person has to find what he is good at, and I think that for me it is what I’m doing now: painting and sharing happiness. And I hope to be able to keep doing it and that it will always be something positive!

Mina Hamada: colour, energy and good vibes

A book Momo, by Michael Ende

A song Any song by Napalm Death (As I’m going to their concert soon!)

A movie Ghostbusters (As I’m now in NY!)

An ingredient Spicy chile (As I just came back from Mexico!)

Your Mantra What will be will be (And to sleep)

A destiny The countries in Asia

A memory The degraded colour of the sky in Veracruz, Mexico, that I saw from my scaffold last week

And in your case... a colour My favourite colour?? Difficult! But I’d like to be transparent blue like water




Photo: Mina Hamada by The Stills Agency

Mina Hamada: colour, energy and good vibes

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