Laure Prouvost

What you need to know about her

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French artist Laure Prouvost, (Lille, 1978), is a great example of it, an artist that is now showing her work worldwide, in some of the most important museums and institutions such as the Tate Britain, the Whitechapel Gallery, the New Museum in New York, the Pirelli Hangar Bicoca in Milan and many others. Some mega galleries represent her work and feature it in international art fairs, and the greatest private collections presume of treasuring her multimedia works. 


But not so long ago Prouvost was one of those up and coming artists that didn’t imagine what life was about to offer. 

In 2013, Laure Prouvost won, unexpectedly, the most significant art prize in Britain, the Turner Prize. At the young age of 35 years old, she was nominated competing with really established artists such as Tino Seghal or David Shrigley.


Laure Prouvost

Laure Prouvost

It was after her video Wantee that the artist awoke the interest of the jury, to the point of making her win.

Prouvost’s installation Wantee takes its name in reference to the habit of Edith Thomas, the partner of artist Kurt Schwitters, of constantly asking guests if they want tea. The installation, in response to Schwitters, presents a tea party setting in which a fictional relationship between Schwitters and Prouvost’s grandfather takes place. The unconventional combination of images and objects, mixed with a transportive atmosphere, makes of this work a very particular and unique piece in the scene of installation and multimedia art, being a work with a real richness of texture, both handmade and technologically current. 

The celebration took place in Derrey, northern Ireland, and for the occasion Prouvost added a companion film about her grandmother’s dreams about riding a motorcycle and disco-dancing. Local children served tea and cakes during the projection that lasted 30 minutes and had the capacity to host between 15 and 20 people at a time. 


The work of Laure Prouvost mixes video, sound, installation and performance, creating immersive and mixed media installations. She usually questions the perceptions about functionality of language, objects and images, through mixing everything in a Duchampian way. Addressing miscommunication and things getting lost in translation, blurring the boundary between fiction and reality, to her language is the most powerful tool for imagination. 

Combining memories with artistic and literary references, she creates narrative structures which are far away from the traditional, resulting into layered storytellings. She is interested in the way we humans organize things age-wise, as if emotions could be categorized in any way and also examines our relationship with the past through technology. 

Linking with her interest with the past, Prouvost references a lot his grandfather, whom in her fictional world once tunneled from his living room to Africa and never came back. 


Laure Prouvost now lives between London and Antwerp, after graduating from the London Central Saint Martins and the Goldsmith College. She has had exhibitions in the most important insitutions in the world, such as the Witte de With Center of Contemporary Art, the Tate Britain, the Pirelli Hangar Bicocca, the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow, the New Museum NY or the Whitechapel Gallery. Appart from the Turner Prize she also won the Max Mara Art Prize for Women in 2011.

Laure Prouvost

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