Kendall Jenner, the new reinterpretation of Cattelan's masterpieces

The young Kardashian topless is the result of the incarnation of Cattelan's works

Kendall Jenner, the new reinterpretation of Cattelan's masterpieces



The prestigious magazine GARAGE, that in recent years has been building a reputation with the disturbing results of its collaborations between artists and actors / musicians / models, has managed to unite on this occasion two of the most media figures in the world of fashion and the arts. Maurizio Cattelan, also known as the bad boy of the art world, and the top model Kendall Jenner have joined in an epic collaboration for the latest issue of the magazine.

The Italian conceptual artist did not have enough to sell three editions of his ‘Banana’, made for Art Basel Miami, to a whopping $ 120,000, and has wanted to continue giving material to the media to stay in all the headlines.

Kendall Jenner, the new reinterpretation of Cattelan's masterpieces

The model has embodied some of the most iconic works from Cattelan in an editorial directed by the stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson and photographed by the British Ghaian Campbell Addy, in which she has given new life to pieces such as 'A Perfect Day 'and' Novecento '.

However, the most discussed image, and that has undoubtedly revitalized the work of the Padovan, has been the provocative composition called 'Trophy Wife', referring to the bust of Stephanie Seymour that Cattelan produced in 2003, and in the one that Jenner's bust appears with a wax face, topless and coming out of a wall, as if it were a hunting trophy.

According to the artist, this work is a response to the latest issue of the magazine, ‘Deranged’ and represents a 'satirical commentary on the contradictions and absurdities of Western civilization’.

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