Juan Avellaneda

In love with beauty

He is one of the most prominent fashion designers in Spain, and he's been recognised as a young promise since the beginning of his career for his great talent and creativity. But Juan Avellaneda is also an avid collector. Art lover since he was quite young, he is sensitive to anything visual and aesthetic -as can be seen in his designs. He creates surrounded by artworks by the most in vogue artists, and walks with the same ease around art fairs and galleries than around fashion shows and ateliers. Avellaneda is a collector of today, to whom art is a pleasure, and who enjoys finding those pieces that move him.  


You are an art passionate. When did this passion started? Which is your first memory? 

Mi first memories related to art belong to my very early childhood. My parents are publishers and that's why I've always been submerged in hard-to-find books. I remember spending hours laying on the floor browsing art books and all kinds of magazines, and that aesthetic world got me caught. 

From a being great passionate to being a collector. Which was your first purchase? What can you say about that experience? 

I don't consider myself as a collector, I'm actually more an amateur. However it's true that I acquire some art pieces whenever I can. My first purchase was a work by Yago Hortal that I have placed at my studio entrance.

Amongst your collection we can find works by Yago Hortal, Oleg Dou or Enzo Mianes. At the time of buying, which is your criteria? 

Actually, my criteria is very simple, as I usually follow my tastes and intuition. My collection doesn't really have a line to follow, on the contrary, I buy whatever transmits a message, or whatever seems visually attractive to me.


What do you value, or what moves you to chose between ones or others? 

I like the work to speak for itself, either visually or emotionally through its message. 

Which artists are you currently following? Have you discovered anything interesting recently? 

Teresa Margoye, even though waht she transmits is quite harsh -I'd never be able to live with a work by her.

Juan Avellaneda

Juan Avellaneda

If you had to advise someone who's starting, what would you say?

I'd tell them to start with something easy, and to be sure they like it very much. In the end, artworks are long term investments, and when we start we have to trust our criteria. Our first artworks will be those we will preserve fondly.


Your designs detach creativity and sensibility. As a fashion designer, has art had an influence in your collections? 

Of course! I always say that life inspire us, even if it sounds as a topic. Art, music, culture... they are all inputs that us designers collect to create our own universes. In my designs there are drawings of Lorca, Dali, Kamisaka Sekka or Madaula among others.


What is art for you?

Inspiration and a way of nourishing ourselfs and live.

A book Only one? The rise and fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, the accesories book of Saint Laurent and, a classic, Lorca's Romancero Gitano.

A song Freedom by George Michael.

A movie Call me by your name or Saint Laurent.

An ingredient Champaign, as it always triggers a celebration.

Your mantra Work hard and you will reach your dreams.

A destiny Always Paris, but also Japan.

A memory The day I decided to create my own firm. 

And in your case… an artwork The one that presides the desk of my showroom, by Yago Hortal. 


You can also have an artwork chosen by Juan Avellaneda. Check out the selection he has prepared for KOYAC here

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