Heaps & Woods: Artisans for designers

Heaps & Woods: Artisans for designers

Heaps & Woods is a project that was born four years ago when its founders Marta Jurado and Louis Chagnaud were travelling through Indonesia.

Currently based in Barcelona, Paris and Indonesia, the creative duo offers furniture and pieces as they germinate from the combination of love for craftsmanship, design and culture. That's why they've decided to share with KOYAC some of their favourite artworks. 


Your project arises with the aim of offering accessible designs, but always preserving 'the legacy of craftsmanship'. How does this philosophy materialize in your pieces?

Our goal is to make our dream pieces using the material and craft resources that Indonesia offers us. Each piece of heaps is handmade. In each one of the pieces, different craftsmen and diverse traditional techniques intervene, many of which are desappearing little by little since there is no one who wants to continue the business.


How would you define the style of Heaps & Woods?

We consider that our universe is composed of emotional pieces and lived spaces. We think of a global atmosphere taking into account each one of the details; furniture, art, architecture, light and space. We use mostly noble and natural materials, always looking for an elegant, warm space and above all we want it to be fun not only in the final result but also the creative process with the client. Full of contrast and balance.

There is not a concrete Heaps style, we have very eclectic tastes. In our projects and pieces, wood is always present because we consider it essential in a space. But always coexisting with other materials.

We love discovering new materials and craft techniques and proposing a new use for them.

Heaps & Woods: Artisans for designers

In addition to furniture manufacturers, what other services does Heaps & Woods offer to those who seek a contemporary and at the same time timeless interior design?

Heaps is culture, creativity and craftsmanship. A furniture manufacturer based in Indonesia, with its own collections and at the same time we offer the client access to our materials and crafts to make his dream pieces.

All this nurtures the study of interior design that we have, Bisa Studio where we carry out interior design projects mainly in Spain and France. So we are not a simple manufacturer of furniture, but we are involved in the design and our great passion is to make projects.

Timeless and contemporary interior design where special pieces of furniture and art are always present. We like to always integrate pieces of sculpture, photography or painting in our spaces.

As for Bisa, it is not only the studio but also capsule collections of different creatives that collaborate with us will soon be presented; from architects to fine artists or potters.


What inspires you when creating your collections?

When creating our collections we are inspired by sculpture, architecture, painting, nature and our trips. We are lucky to spend part of our time in Indonesia and it is pure creativity that inspires the country.


Does contemporary art take on any role during your creative process?

Colours, shapes and geometry constantly inspire us. The last thing we are working on is a collection of recycled organic cotton rugs.


What is the relationship between Heaps & Woods and art?

Art is always present in our projects and our pieces always coexist with special artworks. We love to mix pieces of primitive art with more contemporary pieces.

A book

«Thinking about architecture» by Peter Zumthor


A destination

Madagascar, Sri Lanka and any remote island of Indonesia


A movie

«A River runs through it»


A memory

Our latest shooting in Ubud at 40 degrees for our next carpet collection


Your mantra

«Bisa» Everything is possible


And in your case ... a material

Always solid wood, teak and sonokeling.

Heaps & Woods: Artisans for designers

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