Gimaguas: timelessness and warmth

Sayana and Claudia take us on a trip to exotic destinations and tell us more about their project.

Gimaguas: timelessness and warmth

Gimaguas, the south american name for 'twins', is the name of the project born in May of 2016 that defines the fashion and accessories brand created by this two sisters. Lovers of crafts and unique and timeless pieces, they have wanted to share a selection of their favourite works at KOYAC.


In 2015 you founded Gimaguas, offering unique and handcrafted pieces from different parts of the world as well as your own fashion and design line of jewellery and accessories. How was your project born?

The idea of undertaking Gimaguas was born on a London - Barcelona flight while we were living in the English capital. Our mother is a lover of crafts and traveled continuously for work. From her trips she always brought us unique pieces that we treated as treasures. We wanted our concept to start from there, so the first year we created a collection mixing our own designs and crafts that characterized our summer cabinets and we made a sale for friends and first clients in our flat in London, later in Barcelona.


What is the philosophy of Gimaguas?

We like that Gimaguas takes you on a trip, that reminds you of some exotic country, the days of sun and bare feet. We seek the diversity of products and styles under the motto "many things from many lands". We value the craftsmanship and the technique of handmade products. We believe that it is beautiful and important to communicate where it comes from what we offer, that there is transparency.


How does your creative process work when creating a collection?

Fortunately, we have to travel for work, that is key in our creative process. The fact of leaving our comfort zone forces us to look at things from a different perspective and pay attention to the small details. India, where we produce, is always a source of inspiration for us. They have a gift combining colors, not only in clothing but also throughout the city.


Your Instagram is a place of inspiration where we find from photographs of your trips to the works of artists like Hilma af Klint. Does art play an important role during the creation of your collections?

Of course, we like to share what inspires us and produces emotions; where we see art in a way of dressing, in architecture, in crafts, a sculpture, a painting, a flower, all that is part of our creative process and creates the universe Gimaguas.


What artist have you discovered lately?

The truth is that after seeing your art selection, we loved the shapes in the paintings of Nayda Collazo Llorens and we looked more into her.


Just like KOYAC, your sales channel is mainly online, what benefits has the sale provided through a digital platform?

We believe that nowadays it is fundamental to position yourself as an online brand. With social networks, you become a brand with a global reach and can reach customers all over the world.

Still, we trust in the Pop-up concept, as an ephemeral and itinerant shop, it is perfect to get closer to our customers and explain the collection, as well as offering unique products that we do not offer online.

A book

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse


A song

This last month we've been listening to 3 days by Rhye.


An exhibition

Richard Serra at the Guggenheim. Tadao Ando in our last trips to Casa Wabi in Mexico and in Naoshima, Japan.


Your mantra

A classic by Steve Jobs: stay hungry, stay foolish


And in your case, a destination


Gimaguas: timelessness and warmth

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