Finding contemporary art in unexpected places

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Finding contemporary art in unexpected places

As contemporary art lovers, we’re always on the search for innovative museums and fresh galleries. Most of the time, we lose ourselves in the streets of cities like London, Seoul or New York to find the best spots of contemporary art. However, sometimes incredible pieces and installations can be found in unexpected spaces, even in the middle of nowhere. 


Prada Marfa, Texas, U.S.A

This minimalist piece is installed directly in nature, aiming to encourage a more intimate experience for the viewer. This idea stems from Donald Judd’s perception that museums were too rigid and temporal. Hence, during the 70s Judd along with the Dia Art Foundation acquired this large proportion of land in Marfa. Elmgreen and Dragset were commissioned to create a structure emulating a Prada store. The Nordic duo defines the work as a ‘pop architectural land art project’ as a critique of the luxury goods industry. Prada Marfa is never opened, and in theory, was never going to be repaired as it is a site-specific project. 


The Art House Project, Japan

This project started in 1998, currently taking place in seven locations of the Naoshima's Honmura district: Kadoya, Minamidera, Kinza, Go'o Shrine, Ishibashi, Gokaisho, and Haisha. The project encourages artists to transform empty houses in residential areas into complete works of art. It is interesting to see how daily life in the Naoshima's Honmura occurs and merges with pieces from artists like James Turrell. There’s an intention to present a new model of the community as it displays an innovative, original urban landscape. 


Rothko Chapel, Houston, U.S.A.

This ‘spiritual space’ is a chapel opened for visitors of all faiths to worship and pray. It was opened in 1971, its a space that has a very particular tone due to the 14 murals painted by Rothko. These paintings form an entire artwork along with the architectural space designed by Philip Johnson, Towards Barnstone and Eugene Aubry. The Rothko Chapel encompasses different facets such as its artistic nature as well as its spiritual halo. Outside the chapel, visitors encounter Barnett Newman’s Broken Obelisk and its structure is reflected in the pool on the Plaza. The obelisk was dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Finding contemporary art in unexpected places

Finding contemporary art in unexpected places

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, United Kingdom

The YSP is considered the ‘leading international center for modern and contemporary sculpture’ and they have recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. Their program is structured in year-round temporary exhibitions which include some world-wide recognized artists such as Bill Viola, Tony Cragg, Ai Weiwei, etc. For more than 40 years, the YSP has made an effort to nurture and maintain the debates around the contemporary sculpture. It offers the public open access to art, emphasizing the crucial role of art in society and its communities. In addition to their exhibitions, the institution also offers a learning program that supports around 45,000 people encouraging them to develop their abilities.

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