We enter the largest digital art center in the world



Throughout the history of art, artists and craftsmen have been able to create wonders from nothing. Even the most hidden and unexpected spaces hide secrets that can end up becoming a real spectacle.


This is the case of a former French submarine base, built during the Second World War, which during this year will abandon its function to become the largest digital art center in the world. This curious enclave, located in Bordeaux, is a huge bunker that was used during the war to house an underwater fleet, shared property between the Germans and the Italians.


Under the direction of Culturalspaces, this space will now become a monumental digital art center that will receive the name of Bassins de Lumières. With more than 13,000 square meters, the space will host multiple digital exhibitions dedicated to the great masters of art history, both classic and contemporary.


It is not the first space that Culturalspaces intervenes, since the studio gained its popularity with the creation of Atelier des Lumières in an old iron foundry in Paris. The artist Gustav Klimt has been selected as the main axis of the first long exposure. The work of the master of the Vienna Secession can be exploited through a journey through its colors, landscapes and portraits, enveloping with the force of its golden light all visitors who want to witness masterpieces such as The Kiss, in a completely different format to what has been seen so far.


Bassins de Lumières will also have a space called Le Cube, in which pieces of contemporary digital art will be exhibited. The Ouchhh studio will open the space with Ocean Data, an installation that uses artificial intelligence to create unique images.

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