Art Online in Coronavirus times

In these days of confinement, may art be with you

Art Online in Coronavirus times

Dear Coronarius, you too will pass. In the same way that ephemeral art, you will flee briefly and there will be no permanence of you that we can preserve. Transient Coronavirus, you were conceived for your momentary consumption and, although you are a pain in the ass, your nature will prevent you from lasting in time. You will disappear, like Klein's blue balloons in the Paris sky, and soon you will be nothing more than a memory that most will want to forget. 

Without wishing to downplay the events that occur today at the global level, KOYAC wants to join the optimistic spark that art workers around the world are struggling to keep burning.
Art has been present since the beginning of humanity and has accompanied us throughout history. Many of the great works have witnessed (and survived) the most devastating tragedies of all time, but here they are still smiling today, some mocking, others distracted, behind the safest windows that have been built.

Needless to say, this will also happen, although listening to the news does not lift our spirits too much. All of us who work in sectors that do not belong to the coverage of the most basic needs, debate to justify the continuity of our activity. With all of what is happening, who cares about art? It has already become more than clear that our website will not collapse due to industrial purchases of works of art, as if it were toilet paper, but we can continue to offer the favorite leisure of many people and help combat these long hours of confinement.

Online art companies are the new museums in times of Coronavirus. Our catalogs are equal (or more) extensive than that of many museums and we bring you the work of many artists (national and international) that you could not even visit under normal conditions (did you know that KOYAC collaborates with galleries across Europe?). You may not be very convinced yet, but to see what you think about the following advantages: online art offers total time and space flexibility. You can't sleep at midnight? We open the galleries of Madrid, a private event, you decide. Do you want to join at tea time? London galleries at your disposal.

In our corridors you will find art in different disciplines, we have no problem of space limitation, and if you decide to get to the point, the segmented search will be your best ally. What if there is something you like? The cart accompanies you. Do not hesitate, ask and do not be shy that the advice is also free.

Of course, we ask you please not to leave us when all this has happened, and like a summer love return to your routine and keep this beautiful relationship in the trunk of forgotten memories.

We continue working, more motivated than ever, to continue doing what we do, which is to bring art to every home. Because art, although can't be eaten, is essential to teach us other realities or, simply, to remind us that despite the coronavirus, beauty still exists.

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