Art Basel Miami: the evolution of the contemporary art universe

Experts in the art world are cited in Miami Beach for the most important art fair in the country.

Art Basel Miami: the evolution of the contemporary art universe



The center of the art world is moving this week to the warm south of the state of Florida on the occasion of Art Basel Miami. 17 years after the first edition, the fair is today one of the essential events of the contemporary art universe, which is why its predecessors, Don and Mera Rubell, wanted to remember how small this world was in their day .


In an interview for the New York Times, Don claimed that in the 1980s all art collectors knew each other, since they were so few that they could all meet together in one room. Fortunately, this small family of artists, museum directors, art curators and collectors has grown exponentially and currently has greater financial support and a much higher reputation.


What has not changed is the leadership that American marriage continues to face in the contemporary art market. After testing the land in Art Basel (Switzerland), the Rubells decided to start an edition of the fair in Miami in the early 2000s and are currently directing a sample of more than 7,000 works.


A curious fact is that despite the growth of the heritage of this family of collectors, they continue to run the same non-profit organization in which they exhibit their works. The difference is that we now call it a museum. But why this change in terminology? Very simple: Don himself says that they constantly encountered cases of people who thought they needed a personal invitation to visit the collection, but that was never the reality. The exhibition space continues to open to the public 5 days a week, as it has always done, but now its visibility is greater because by calling it ‘museum’ people understand that it is an accessible space.


Art Basel Miami Beach starts today and will concentrate a total of 269 exhibits in galleries and a couple of dozen satellite samples around the city. To this we must add the pop-up shows and extraordinary activities that will take place in the galleries and museums of Miami until Sunday, to understand the tremendous 'circus' that the inhabitants themselves have ended up calling the Art Week of Miami.


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