6 must see exhibitions to begin 2018 in shape

Andreas Gursky: Hayward Gallery (London), January 25 - April 22

The reopening exhibition hosted by the Hayward Gallery, closed since September 2015 for refurbishment and opening in 2018, will be a major exhibition of german photographer Andreas Gursky. This exhibition also coincides with the gallery’s 50th anniversary. 

Considered one of the most significant photographers of our time, Gursky’s work stands out for its spectacular large-scale works portraying scenes of the global economy and contemporary life. 

Picturing the times we live in and driven by an interest for understanding how the world is constituted, Gursky’s photographs are reflections on the nature of image-making and the limits of human perceptions. 

This exhibitions features around 60 images of the artist, from the early 80’s to most recent works. 

6 must see exhibitions to begin 2018 in shape

6 must see exhibitions to begin 2018 in shape

Picasso 1932- Love, Fame, Tragedy: Tate Modern (London), March 8 - September 9

This exhibition is the first solo show that the Tate Modern organizes of Pablo Picasso, featuring more than a hundred paintings, sculptures and drawings, along with family pictures and some glimpses into his personal life. 

The exhibition centers in his practice during the year 1932, a specially intense creative period in the life of the celebrated Spanish artist, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. 

In scoop, three extraordinary paintings of his lover Marie-Thérèse, painted in March 1932 will be shown together for the first time in history. 

This will be an exhibition not only about Picasso’s works but also about him as a person, so we will be able to discover the man behind the painting, in all of his complexity. 

Harun Farocki. Empathy: La Friche (Marseille), November 27 2017- March 18 2018

This exhibition, originally created for the Tapies Foundation in Barcelona to be exhibited in 2016, compiles nine video installations from 1995 to 2014 presenting emblematic works of the artist that analyze the forms of labour arising from traditional production modes and from the demands of capitalist production. 

This video corpus also represents a decisive turn in his work when, in 1995, created for the first time double screen installations designed specifically for the exhibition space, almost as site specifics. 

The exhibition also includes two videos: the documentary “Workers leaving the factory” on the disappearance of industrial labour, and “Comparison via a third”, where traditional labour is confronted to labour within industrial countries. 

Featuring around 120 films and installations, always at the crossroads of the film essay and the documentary film, this exhibition shows Farocki’s permanent interest in subjects such as surveillance devices and human control. 

6 must see exhibitions to begin 2018 in shape

6 must see exhibitions to begin 2018 in shape

David Hockney. 82 portraits, 1 still-life: Guggenheim (Bilbao), November 10 2017 - February 25 2018

In 2012, after David Hockney had a major exhibition in the Guggenheim of Bilbao, (and many others), he decided to abandon the British countryside and returned to live to L.A, which also meant a return to the quiet contemplation of portraiture.

His victim were all of his friends that formed part of that new period in the American city, including family, office staff, gallerists, curators and other artists, making of this production of recent portraits an intimate snapshot of the L.A art world and the people who have crossed the artist’s path over the last three years. 

All of the works follow a common structure: each work is the same size, all of the characters appear sitting in the same chair and against the same vivid blue background, and each work is made in three days, no more and no least. 

82 of these portraits plus 1 still-life will be shown in the Guggenheim Bilbao this season, featuring the latest of Hockney’s production.

Dora García. Segunda Vez: Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid), April 18 - September 3

This exhibition presents a significant number of works of the artist, in all kind of medium and format, from film to performance, including text and drawings. 

García takes the title “Segunda Vez” from a Julio Cortazar’s text with the same name, which narrates the climate of psychosis and uncertainty resultant from the drama of all those who disappeared in Argentina. 

Also, is is the title to the most recent project of the artist, about Oscar Masotta, contemporary to Cortázar, an Argentinian avant-garde theorist very well known due to his ideas of audience and event reconstruction. 

Dora García creates this project, alongside with the musician and long time collaborator Jan Mech, for the museum Reina Sofía’s vault room. An installation of objects and sounds inspired in Franz Kafka’s writing “The cares of a family man”.

6 must see exhibitions to begin 2018 in shape

6 must see exhibitions to begin 2018 in shape

Yto Barrada. Agadir: Barbican Centre (London), February 7 - May 20

This exhibition, a dramatic installation that will encompass mural, film, commissioned sculptures and a series of live and recorded performances, brings together a corps of work that communicates the artist’s personal narratives and political ideals, creating a complex portrait of a city and its people in a state of transition, considering how they go through a process of reinvention following a disaster. 

The whole exhibition takes its inspiration in a surreal text by Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine about the Agadri’s earthquake in 1960. 

This exhibition is part of the centre’s 2018 season “The Art of Change”, which explores how artists respond to, reflect and potentially effect change in the social and political landscape. 

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