In KOYAC we only offer original works of art, coming from the best galleries in Europe, that meet our selection criteria in order to ensure that you are buying the best art at the best price.

We only offer works dealt through galleries. By doing so, we can guarantee that the artist has a minimally consolidated career and a certain projection. If you are represented by a gallery, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to explore a collaboration.

We have works by renowned artists such as Nicolas Paris, Gavin Turk, Laure Prouvost, Angela de la Cruz, Antoni Tàpies, Waltercio Caldas or Julião Sarmento, as well as the work of young emerging artists, always endorsed by their galleries.

The price of the works that are for sale in KOYAC is always the same given by the gallery. We neither raise nor lower the prices of the works, since they are calculated according to the characteristics of each piece and the trajectory of every particular artist.

The art market is dynamic and constantly evolving. That is why we have designed a live web, which changes and is renewed periodically. So, whenever you enter KOYAC you will see new updates that invite you to spend some time enjoying and looking for that artwork you may fall in love with.

All our works are delivered with an official certificate of authenticity either signed by the artist himself (if the work is not signed) or by the gallery that endorses it.

The freight cost of a framed work could easily rise up to more than €200 given its fragility. This is why all our works are sent unframed except in specific cases that we indicate expressly. If you need any help to find a proper framer or might need assistance in choosing the frame, do not hesitate to contact us via hello@koyac.net.

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