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Delivery and return policy

KOYAC online S.L. (from now on, KOYAC) is the titler holder of the website located at the domain www.koyac.net (from now on, the website).


1. In order to buy the products of the website the customer must be + 18 years old.


2. It’s an essential requirement that during the registration process you include at least a phone number and an email address.


3.Notifications will me mainly send thorugh email. However, in some occasions we might also use your phone number and your postal adress that you will have previously given us during registration in our website in order to buy an artwork. 


4. The terms and conditions of this website are only valid for purchases made inside the European Union. Currently, we only ship orders inside the European Union.


5. So you can purchase through our website you must have an account in our site that you can create during the check out process or before. Once you are registered, you can proceed with your other through our website. 


6. Even if the invoice is issued to a business, the purchases made through our website are adressed to the final user. Under no circumstance, this sales are meant to enterprises that are willin to resell the product later on. 


7. Only those orders that meet the rwuirements stated above will be accepted.


8. If your order is accepted, you will receive a Confirmation of Order in the email included during you previous registration in our website. This order confirmation will be effective from the moment it is sent. In the acse we are unable to accept your order, we will try to contact you via email or phone number. 


9. It can occur that we might be unable, in some cases, to meet the deadline regarding delivery dates included in the order confirmation as the pieces might be still going through the production process. In that case we will contact you via the means stated in point number two. 


10. KOYAC website accepts secure payments via authorized credit card or PayPal.


11. The content information of our adverts, bulletins, brochures, advert pamphlets and social media are an invitation to make a deal, and they are not a firm offer for providing any product on behalf of KOYAC. 


12. All the prices that appear at KOYAC's website only refer to purchases made through our website.


13. The client has the possibility of cancelling the order as well as receving a total refund, before KOYAC proceed with the shipment of the product, by sending an email to  hello@koyac.net. In case the order has already been shipped, the client will need to process it as a return of the product. 


14. KOYAC reserves the right to cancel the order, always refunding the entire value of the order,  in case the artwork has been prevously sold by its corresponding gallery to another customer. 


15. KOYAC will proceed with the shipment of the indicated artworks in the confirmation of order following the terms and conditions included in this document. 


16. Delivery dates are approximate.




1. The price of the products will appear on the invoice.


2. The V.A.T to the applicable legal rate will be included on the invoice and will be payed by the customer. 


3. Shipping costs specified on the invoice will be charged to the customer, despite special offers are indicated, or if the customer has a promotional code indicating that. 




1. KOYAC offers original pieces, both unique artqorks as multiple editions.


2. No arpiece will be reserved until the purchasing process has started. Hences, an artwork in the basket will not be considered reserved and might as well become unavailable. 




1. All prices shown have the VAT included, without considering any possible discount or shipping costs. 


2. All payments will be done in euros (€).


3. Payment with credit card: the client will include all the credit card information when proceeding with the order check out. The corresponding credit card will be charged when the purchase is donde and we will not proceed with the shipment of the product until we haven't received a confirmation from the bank. 


4. Payment via Paypal: the payment will be done by the terms and conditions established by the platform. 


5. Payment via Sequra: the payment will be done by the terms and conditions established by the platform. 




1. The personal data provided by the used will not be used under any circumstance with other purposes than the ones mentioned in our  Privacy Policy. In any case will this perosnal data be handed over to third parties and can only be used by KOYAC, only to carry out the purchases you ordered. Our secure IT server guarantees the privay of the personal data provdied. Such privacy is achieved through the SSL protocol, by encrypting the information sent with the RSA encoded system, when it is located in a secure area of your browser. Your browser, collaborating with the secure service, encrypt the data so if any case the information is intercepted by a third party they will not be able to read it as they haven't got the corresponding key. 


2. You can check if your browser is secure by making sure that security emblems appear such as key or a lock. You may also appreciate that the URL varies, as instead of beginning with  http it will begin with https. KOYAC reserves the right to send you commercial information to the email you provided during registration. 




1. The conditions regarding delivery date and availability will be the ones exlpained above.


2. The order will be sent to the delivery adressed that appears on the form of the corresponding order. 


3. The order will be send in the period established during the purchase process. The estimated periods of delivery of the the product comunicated during the order process are just approximations which aren't vinculated with the specific delivery dates. 


4. All pieces proceed from the galleries collaborating with KOYAC, and they guarantee the perfect state of the products. The conditions of the product are later checked again once they arrive to our warehouse. Then they packed up again following strict security and protection procedures, and later sent to the buyer through worldwide known transport business or enterprises specialized in the trasnport of artworks. 


5. The customer becomes owner of the acquired pieces once theproduct is delivered. 


6. It's the cutomers obligation to keep a signed copy of the documents regarding delivery provided by the transport agency.




1. If there happens to be any irregularity in any of the products acquired, you have the right to desist following the 14 calendar days after the delivery has been made without any additional cost, through email to hello@koyac.net indicating the order referene number and the information of the artwork you want to return, as well as pictures and description of the defects detected. In case of finding irregularities on the package such as holes or dents we ask you to take a picture of them before opening the parcel. This will enable us to carry our the necessary complaint to the transport business if necessary. 


2. KOYAC will process of collection of the pieces to the same adress they were first delivered. The packcage retruned by the customer must be correctly sealed off, with the original packaging, its accessories and with its invoice. 


3. KOYAC exempts itself of any kind of responsibility for the pieces until the artwork is delivered in our warehouse and its condition is checked, hence the correct packing of the product is fundamental to proceed with the returrning process. If you have any doubts you can contact us to hello@koyac.net so we can helpt you. 


5. In exception of defect or discomformity, under no circumstances might the products be returned if they are:

- Unsealed artworks.

- Artworks damaged after being delivered.




You can contact us: 

Via email: hello@koyac.net

Via postal mail: C/ Hurtado, 23 08023 Barcelona

When you contact us regarding an order you've made through our website, you must include the order reference number.


KOYAC Online, S.L.

c/Hurtado, 23,

08023 Barcelona (España)

C.I.F.: B66912106

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