Veronica Escudero

Searching 14, 2018

Photography on Hahnemüle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth Mate paper
Open edition
60 x 80 cm
(Also available on 45x60cm and 90x120cm)

Certificate of authenticity included Certificate of authenticity included

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Born in Mexico, Barcelonian by choice, photographer Veronica Escudero uses photography as her emotional language. Elements in nature, especially water, become a reflection of the “state of things”. They are accessories to aid in processing and debating the world, life and its existential questions. They are characters that carry out conversations between each other - between rock and water - between floating or flying - they make us ask ourselves if we are islands or oceans.

Philarthropic: art with a social purpose

The profits generated by the sale of these works will be used to carry out art therapy sessions with vulnerable groups including the homeless, those suffering from disease, as well as prison inmates, through a program run by Obra Social Santa Lluïsa de Marillac (Barcelona). The sessions make use of the creative process to form stable links between these at risk groups and their places of residence, rebuilding and improving the self-image of each participant.


These sessions are part of the art therapy program developed and carried out by Philarthropic in several centers and hospitals for vulnerable groups. Art therapy, supported by neuroscientific research as a practice that contributes towards the improvement of physical, mental, and emotional health, acts as a form of positive sublimation. For those with difficulties in articulating their emotions, art therapy can provide a unique way for participants to communicate with their subconscious. Learn more here.

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