Adolfo Bimer

Linea de Sangre, 2019

Laboratory analysis slides and stainless steel
Unique piece
50 x 13 x 13 cm

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About Adolfo Bimer (Santiago de Chile, 1985) View artist profile >>

Adolfo Bimer’s practice, through paintings, sculptures and found objects, focuses on a material and metaphorical innerness of the human body. His recent work is based on research about interactions from both the traditional and industrial fields of painting and construction, combined with medical and biological archive references.


Bimer’s body of work questions health and disease through material interactions; the body’s movement, fluids, organs and textures compared to industrial and construction materials either new or weathered. He looks at the development of medical technology imaging systems such as x-rays, microscopy, scans and anatomical drawing, as attempts to understand a body that we otherwise would not be able to see.


Bimer currently lives and works in Santiago. His solo exhibitions include Scans, Cleveland Print Room, Cleveland, 2015; Próximas Enfermedades, Patricia Ready Gallery, Santiago, 2015; Témpanos de Fe, Nueveochenta Contemporary Art, Bogotá, 2013; Las Inseguridades, Patricia Ready Gallery, Santiago, 2013; Tactismo, Revolver, Lima, 2012; and X, MAC Museum of Contemporary Art Chile, Santiago, 2011. He was included in Younger than Jesus: Artist Directory, Phaidon, 2008. Bimer also participates in the Chile-based art organization Sagrada Mercancía.

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