Gerardo Rueda

Affiche avant la lettre, 1985

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About Gerardo Rueda (Madrid, 1926) View artist profile >>

He is one of the most important Spanish artists from the abstract movement from the XXth century., apart from being a strong promoter of the arts, being founder, next to the artists Fernando Zóbel and Gustavo Torner, of the Museo de Arte Abstracto de Cuenca. 

Rueda’s work centers specially in painting, sculpture ad collage, and in printing as well, finding in the two last techniques a very particular and personal language. 

To him, collage meant a different way of research, in which, by using papers and materials in different colors and textures to create artworks, developed his own speech about the use of color and materials. 

Taking consciousness of the particular language that was printing, he found in silk-screen printing his favorite technique. 

In terms of style he has changed a lot in time, starting with a style close to cubism that ended to become abstract constructivism, where order and balance where vital.

His work has been exhibited all over the world, in solo exhibitions and also group shows, and is owned by the most important museum collections in the world. 

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