Chiara Camoni

All colors together make the light, 2017

Color crayons on paper
Unique piece
30 x 24 cm

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About Chiara Camoni (Piacenza, Italia, 1974) View artist profile >>

Chiara Camoni’s works in different mediums, such as sculpture, installation, objects, books, drawings and videos, but her main interest is the same in all of her production: how the artworks relate with reality.

We usually care about the artwork as object, but we never think about the before and after of the work, where it comes from and where it goes to, which would be the creative process in one hand and the story that ensues from it in the other hand. This is one of the central subjects for Camoni, always confronting it with a touch of irony.

To her, expressing thought through a visual form, also known as creating, is a basic necessity such as eating. That’s why her works are linked to the idea of fussion between daily life and the act of creating. That’s why Camoni’s works can be created in the kithchen while she cooks, or in the middle of a coversation with a group of friends. Art appears naturally in daily life.

That’s why, for example, she has presented exhibitions without works, and just presenting the technical steps of creating a work. In this aspect, her sculptures present a lot of ambiguity, resulting from the coexistence of void and form.

This is why her work is always declared in a state of transit, between the act of coming and going.

The interaction with the viewer with the work is also very important in Chiara’s production, whom injects life to the work.

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