Angélica Maria Zorrilla

Cacomixtle (Bassariscus astutus) sobre telescopio de Newton, 2015

Graphite and color pencil on paper coffee filter
Unique piece
29 x 24 cm

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About Angélica Maria Zorrilla (Cali, Colombia, 1980) View artist profile >>

Zorrilla’s work centres itself in drawing as main medium. It always shows little drawings, very subtle, that invite us to observe them with a lot of delicacy and care.She likes small things, finding beauty into detail, and produces drawings made with pencil on paper or others on used tea bags, already dried and brown. 

Already while she was studying, Angelica put a lot of interest into producing her own paper, since the neatness of the artist paper scare her. She now works on top of papers that she collects or on top of used tea bags. 

Mellancholy is the principal subject on her work, that’s why in many cases she draws human organs related to this sensation, such as the heart. We find many autobiographical references among all of her work, since to her, drawing is a way of connecting with herself, it is a way of thinking more than a technique. The eye, the hand and the soul are connected in the act of drawing.

We could say, then, that Zorrilla’s work is about intimate painting, in which she also does an exhaustive work of self recognitiond and studies her own body deeply.

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