André Romão

Sunrise (Odontolabis Dakmani/John Chamberlain's Scotch Vapour), 2017

Digital print on photographic paper
Ed. of 3
45 x 35 cm

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About André Romão (Lisboa, 1984) View artist profile >>

In his artistic practice, Andre Romão deals with the human aspects hiding in cultural and economical systems of production and interaction, exploring the confrontation between macro and micro structures in contemporary society through an “against the grain” research on economics, eroticism, violence and appropriation. The main figure in his works is always the body, it becomes the measure to all things and a subject able to be affected but also to confront systems, may them be economical, historical, social… There is always a certain tension amid the operating parties.

The artist has been developing his work in a diversity of media, from sculpture to video, but his works have their core in a systematic, yet difficult to pin-down, production of texts, faux-essay like writings and poems, which are then grouped and juxtaposed with an array of other objects and images, some produced by the artist, some appropriated or even produced by other artists. His references range from classical antiquity to contemporary advertising, from political history to pop design. His first selection of writings was now published under the title “Perpex, Marble, Bone” on the occasion of the exhibition “Europe, Europe” at the Astrup Fearnley Museet in Olso.

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