Vari Caramés

Birth placeFerrol, Spain Birth date1953

Camarés defines himself as a self-taught artist. However, he has always been surrounded by painters in his family and that’s visible in his photographs as they reminds us of watercolored compositions. A frequent element in his work is water. He’s always been fond of swimming, floating and surfing. Even the chilly, humid weather of Galicia plays an important role in the artist’s production. His personal style stemmed from starting to sell those blurry pictures that a priori photographer would never show to its audience. Currently he takes photographs both in color and black and white, as until the year 2000 Caramés only used black and white technique. 

Since 1984, he’s taken part in more than 200 individual and collective shows. Some of his works now belong to several public collections - such as the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the CGAC (Santiago de Compostela), Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid), Fundación Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas, the  IVAM (Valencia) and Centro de estudios fotográficos de Braga (Portugal)- as well as to private collections in Europe and the United States.

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