Valle Galera

Birth placeJaen, Spain Birth date1980

Valle Galera explores representations of gender to question the stereotypes and notions of masculinity and femininity. In this exhibition, addresses fashion photography by creating images of women with which she alters the cannons of the medium.

For this series, she has chosen as models women rarely represented (middle-aged, pregnant, or masculine) who assume posses that emulate the referents of how they would like to look, hoping to draw close to their idea of beauty. These are women who are not like those that appear in the superabundance of ubiquitous images that influence them. To contemplate their poses is to discover a fantasy in which they are the protagonists of a universe that is far-off and prohibited to them.

Galera incorporates to this series of portraits dialogues with images from the world of fashion magazines, cinema, and art history that reference the feminine postures that these women end up subverting while trying to model them.

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