Susy Gómez

Birth placePollença, Spain Birth date1964

Susy Gómez is one of the Spanish contemporary artists with a wider international exposure. Her work characterizes by the mix of techniques and subjects, going from photography to installation, going through painting, sculpture , drawing and video. 

Her work is very autobiographical, even though she also creates very abstract pieces. This diversity in the subject is due to her main interest: to her the important thing is how the viewer interprets the work, more than the subject itself, which drives her production to an infinity of interpretations.

Photography was, at first, her main media, but then she replaced it for big-size paintings and lately she has been working on non-formal sculpture made of found objects and materials. 

Her work was exhibited for the first time in the Fundació Miró of Barcelona, in 1993, and since the she hasn’t stop growing in visibility. 

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