Soledad Sevilla

Birth placeSpain Birth date1944

She trained in Barcelona, at the Superior School of Fine Arts of San Jorge, and began her artistic activity from experimentation and geometric forms. In the early 80s, she goes to the United States where she works in "Las Meninas", a series of works dedicated to the in-depth study of Velázquez's work. This work is followed by another that has its origin in the Alhambra and its architecture. She is interested in selecting and staying with what defines the tensions of the action. This explains why you pay attention in your next collection to the bulls and the bullfighter cape. Since 1990, she has been mainly dedicated to recovering artistic spaces, such as the one at Vélez Blanco Castle (Almería). Since then, the installation and its pictorial work maintain a close connection.

Her most recent works have addressed the shape of the window as a pictorial space and also the textures of wood and metal surfaces. The series on The Apostles of Rubens and Altarpiece, are two large works in which this treatment of wood textures is shown. With ephemeral materials such as paper or neoprene, try the three-dimensional pieces that are then repeated in metal. The video as a complement to the pictorial language, as well as photography are present in these latest works. You could say of her current painting, which recreates a "soft geometry" maintaining a constant in her work, which repeats a unit and by accumulation it disappears to create more extensive planes.

In 1993 she received the National Prize of Plastic Arts. The Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts and the José González de la Peña Award, Barón de Forna, awarded by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, are awarded in 2007. In 2007 she taught a lecture at the Museo del Prado within the program Focus on their series Las meninas, Los apostles de Rubens and Atalanta e Hipómenes. In 2014 she received the Art and Patronage award. The award recognizes the excellence of her work, the achievements in her career and the involvement in the construction of her career. 

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