Shaun Fraser

Birth placeInverness, Scotland Birth date1990

Shaun Fraser is a sculptor and visual artist based in the Scottish Highlands. Growing up in this environment, landscape has always featured heavily as a part of his notion of self.

During his residency at Nectar, every day he went for a walk near the Nectar farmhouse. The area, located in the natural park of Guilleries, is a leafy ecosystem, where red stone alternates with large cliffs. For Fraser, immersion in the topography is a fundamental process. He builds his work from the connection with the landscape and the reflection on the sense of each place.

An ambition to recreate, vertically, the horizontal landscape of the ground runs through the series of works he has created in Nectar. Always working outdoors, Fraser has painted with earth and pigments, sometimes leaving the works outdoors. The impact of the rain has bent the papers, generating surfaces that look like the barks of trees or fragments of soil. In their chromatic range, this series is curiously reminiscent of the artistic traditions of Spain, from the palette of painters such as Velázquez, Rivera or Murillo, to the work of the Vallekas School. However, his interest in the collecting and using natural elements, his sense of process, and his inversion of the surface of the ground, which passes from horizontal surface to vertical painting, are distinctive elements. Likewise, the works acquire an almost meditative sense in their will to recover the forgotten relationship with the rhythms of the earth.

Fraser is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London and exhibits internationally.

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