Sandra Lapage

Birth placeSão Paulo, Brazil Birth date1974

Sandra lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil, and through her work proposes a discussion on the impossibility of control: in her point of view, control is an illusion (and a strong trait of Western civilization, which brings forth a series of civilizational anguishes and malaises), and through the work, the artist exercises the acceptance of what the materials reveal, from accidents to new processes. Materiality is her starting point. In the emergence of the unconscious, she is interested in the appearance of primitive forms (in the best sense of the word), remnants of timeless myths and ceremonial objects, and in this sense refers to a shamanic practice: by limiting the presence of consciousness and the censoring ego in the work, the work channels an essential poetry. 

The recurrences of elementary images optimistically points to a universality and natural tendency to syncretism, representative of the fusion of cultural influences in Brazil, which continuously tries to affirm its plural ethnic spectrum and deny the normalization of a wide range of violences that are perpetuated since colonial times.These issues, although expressed in the context of Brazil's cultural background and current political climate, seem to find resonance in the rest of the world. 

The use of recycled materials recreating luxurious however dysfunctional objects extracted from trash refers to failed utopias, and to a search for lost cultural heritages through a collective unconscious. Her work is made of impurities, of errors, of failures, of frustrations, of insubordination, of excess and of organic accumulation.

Sandra has participated in collective and solo exhibitions in Brazil, Europe and the United States: at the Brazilian Embassy in Brussels, at the Ribeirão Preto Art Museum, at the Centro Cultural São Paulo, at the ICA Portland (Maine), at the Gowanus Loft, New York, at the Blumenau Art Museum and Galeria Aura, São Paulo, among others. Sandra was a visiting artist at the Tyler School of Art (Philadelphia) and Maine College of Art (Portland), United States.

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