Richie Culver

Birth placeHull, United Kingdom Birth date1979

Richie Culver's practice has come to draw upon a certain biography and nostalgia for the whimsy of a starkly British type of classism. Through paintings, sculptures, and drawings, Culver creates an idiosyncratic monologue of narratives, places, characters and stereotypes of the British working class. Through mismatches of image and text, art historical references rubbing shoulders with “low” cultural ones, Culver’s paintings familiarise the viewer with a characteristic colloquialism and joviality that is in correlation to both the artist’s shifting perspective - from localised, northern milieu, to an aspirational, cosmopolitan, yuppie class of the city - and to the recent history of how disenfranchised communities have come to form a pivotal role in post-industrial democracies. 

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