Rebecca Louise Law

Birth placeUnited Kingdom

Rebecca Louise Law is a British artist mostly known for her installations made of natural materials, such as plants and flowers. The physicality and sensuality are elements that have a fundamental role in her work, also her pieces constantly play with the relationship between humanity and nature. Law is passionate about change and preservation, we can perceive it in her works since through the acceptance of the piece as an object that evolves, she presents us with a totally different concept of beauty.

We highlight facilities such as 'The Grecian Garden' (Onassis Cultural Center, Athens), 'Outside In' (Times Square, New York), 'The Beauty of Decay' (Chandran Gallery, San Francisco) and 'Life in Death' (Shirley Sherwood Gallery, London). He has also shown his work in Bo. Lee Gallery, Broadway Studio & Gallery, NOW Gallery and the Royal Academy and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

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