Pedro Almodóvar

Birth placeCiudad Real, Spain Birth date1949

Pedro Almodóvar, a world-renowned filmmaker and winner of many awards from the Goya to the Oscars, focuses his films on unique characters, camp stories and kitsch looks that converge around his usual sexual, sociocultural and religious obsessions. In addition to his film facet, Pedro Almodóvar was part of the so-called Madrid movement of the 80s creating a musical duo with McNamara, with whom he recorded songs such as “Gran Ganga”, “Suck It To Me” or “I'm going to be Mom”, participating in theatrical activities with the group "Los Goliardos" and writing stories for various publications, several of them written under the pseudonym of Patty Diphusa.

In recent years, his distinctive style has been released in a new artistic field, photography. A practice that, according to him, is only about taking photos that are pleasant to look at, but they are still more than just a hobby. It pays direct homage to Morandi and Velázquez in the titles of these works, but there are also indications of the still life paintings of the Spanish surrealist Maruja Mallo, one of Almodóvar's favorites. Photos taken with natural light, with a digital camera, without touch-ups or technical devices, of withered flowers with vividly painted backgrounds, create a series of still life compositions that are inspired more in the history of painting than photography.

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