Patricia Dauder

Birth placeBarcelona Birth date1973

In Patricia Dauder’s work, matter and structure constitute the media needed to project ideas and feelings about the passing of time and the idea of space. Her work, essentially abstract and procedural, presents records, tears, discolorations, marks and layers that compose, accumulate and constitute a new body. Ephemeral or organic elements work as a travel log or record of an action in which the artist demonstrates the passage of time through the material exposed to a biological and, at times, chemical process. The will to see beyond the immediate surrounding visible world conducts Patricia Dauder’s work. She attempts to capture what is extremely difficult to retain: time, a fleeting moment, an ephemeral trajectory, something with no form, a remote place. Her work is essentially visual and procedural, a common feature to all the media she uses, whether they are three-dimensional objects, drawings, films, or collected images. The experience, iconography and literature around sea culture has been a recurrent reference in Dauder’s work.

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