Pablo Palazuelo

Birth placeMadrid Birth date1916

This Spanish painter, print maker and sculptor started dedicating himself exclusively to art in 1933, after finishing his architecture studies in London. Considered to be one of the central figures in Spanish abstract art during the XXth century, he is fascinated by those forms we can find within nature, and tries to represent them in their most simplified form. Through a very lineal geometry he even gets to minimalism. Palazuelo understands art as a way of making a better world and trace solutions to problems, linking his work to spiritual thoughts and different philosophies such as esotericism and cabala, or oriental philosophy. Through his compositions he tries to reveal the hidden world that surrounds us. Also, math and physics are fundamental in his eagerness to discover new forms. In his beginnings he showed a special interest in constructivism, being highly influenced by Naum Gabo or Antoine Pevsner, but later he would be very much influenced by Paul Klee. His work has been exhibited all over the world, going international after Maeght gallery took its representation. Since then, his international popularity just grew. He has also been awarded with many prizes such as the Kandinsky Prize or the Premio Velázquez.

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