Nici Jost

Birth placeBanff, Canada Birth date1984

Living and working in Zürich, Jost’s production represents a vast and intensive work of research. Her main subjects are the exploration of the tensions between technology and nature, space and perception, identity and image. She also challenges the passive “consumption” of art in a crowded environment and questions about the relationship between the accelerating technological evolution and the position of the individual towards it. Pushing the boundaries between reality, fantasy and fiction, she makes the viewer re-evaluate his references The collaboration of artist and viewers is also essential..

What is omnipresent in Jost’s work is the use of pink. This is not about taste but it responds to a need of provoking the viewer. It is known that pink represents a cetain emotional and aesthetic condition, being a very controversial color with many cultural associations, which plays with the reaction of the audience. Scientific analysis has revealed that the particular shade of pink that Jost uses provoques complex effects on the human psyche. Appart from this, the use of pink, in general, is usually associated to girls or babies, as well as to homosexuals. The use of pink in art has generaly been categorized as something kistch. Because of all of this negative connotations Jost has made of pink her signature, analyzing how the human’s mind reacts to it.

Her photographs and installations have beecn acquired by very prestigious private and public collections in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Mexico and the United States. She has also participated in very important art residencies worldwide.

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