Ned Armstrong

Birth placeLondon Birth date1992

Ned Armstrong is a British painter currently based in London. Armstrong studied Fine Art at Edinburgh University and has completed a number of residencies around the UK. His use of colour and technique create an aesthetic that is at once meditative and dynamic. His work is a lot about layering of paint and then removing it to create these textures on the canvas.

In his own words "I try to paint in a way that keeps me excited and enthusiastic to go on painting, to follow the lead of marks that I have made. I want the gestures to be questions to respond to, and if I paint something that leads to a dead end have to get rid of it. In this way I suppose painting is like a conversation. I make the paintings over an extended period of time, with several paintings being worked on at once. In my studio paintings lie flat, drying all the time and I interrupt them with stains and marks. Through this the paintings become containers for different approaches, it is a continuous practice to try and find a degree of harmony within the canvas.” 

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