Monika Buch

Birth placeSpain Birth date1936

Monika Buch (Valencia, 1936; currently lives in Utrecht), was the first and only Spanish woman to study at the HfG in Ulm (Higher School of Gestaltung or School of Ulm), an institution conceived as the heir to the revolutionary Bauhaus. Monika Buch, of German parents, spent her childhood between Germany and Spain, where her family moved to avoid the Civil War and World War II, respectively. In 1956, after finishing his studies at the German School in Barcelona, ​​his mother presented him with a press clipping with an article from “Die Zeit” about the inauguration of the new Max Bill building for the Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG), done that prompted him to travel to the German city of Ulm and study at that school between 1956 to 1958.

After his time in Ulm, he moved to Utrecht where he studied university pedagogy and child psychology. For two years he focused his activity in the field of toy design at the Dutch factory ADO, but since 1972 he devoted himself exclusively to his artistic work, with research focused on the interrelation of shape-color. His work is based on what he learned at the HfG. In the artist's own words: “I always start from an idea or a question that I want to solve. I'm interested in perception: what I see and why, that's why I like to work on a theme with variations. Aesthetics is important but many times more in the background. A work can be beautiful or pleasant to see, but for me, it has to have something else, something interesting that catches your attention or that draws your gaze every time and you want to discover what worries you ”.

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