Miki Leal

Birth placeSevilla Birth date1974

Miki Leal who always works with paper, explores a very personal type of abstract figuration with pop and oneiric colouring. Much in the way of fantasies, the scenes that he creates using a refined pictorial technique are imaginings of shapes and colours derived directly from the tribulations of the artist's mind. His working method makes use of association to unearth discoveries that he then elaborates with all the energy, force and versatility that is characteristic of his painting. "I've gone through various creative processes, but it has always been a process particular to the abstract artist, as I always start off with a blank sheet. The important thing is to keep on unravelling the thread until something takes shape that has a reference to what's going on in your head at the time."

The variety of subjects depicted is enormous. It could be said that he gives expression to his entire personal universe through music, cinema, literature, travel or the people closest to him. With an optimism typical of those from Seville, Miki Leal faces up to his job as an artist. He knows that his art is authentic and says so unreservedly. His recent work focuses on landscapes and  and watercolour, a technique that he masters perfectly, as he has demonstrated on many occasions in his exhibitions in Spain and abroad, while his reputation continues to grow.

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