Miguel Marina

Birth placeMadrid Birth date1989

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid in the speciality of Painting. Extends his training in Italy at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna under the training of Luca Caccioni and Massimo Pulini. He has made residences at La Casa de Velázquez (Academie de France a Madrid, 2013), Major 28, la Floresta (Lleida, 2015), Piramidón Center d’Art Contemporani (Barcelona 2016-17), the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (Rome, 2017-18) and the Bilbao Arte Fundazioa (Bilbao, 2019). 


His work has been exhibited individually and collectively in galleries such as The Goma Gallery (Madrid, 2019), Carlos Caravalho Gallery (Lisboa, 2019), Luis Adelantado Gallery (Valencia, 2019), Espacio Valverde Gallery (Madrid, 2019), Galería Nordés (Santiago de Compostela, 2018), Galería etHALL (Barcelona, 2018), Palau de Casavells (Girona, 2017), Spontaneous Combustion (Madrid 2017), Trama Gallery (Barcelona, 2016), Silvestre Gallery (Madrid, 2015), Slowtrack Gallery (Madrid, 2014), García Galería (Madrid, 2013) and in various competitions such as PhotoEspaña, Openstudio, Intransit, or fairs such as Estampa and JustMad

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