Marco Papa

Birth placeMilano, Italy Birth date1973

Marco Papa is a mutidisciplinary Italian artist living and working in Milan.

Even though at the age of 20 his works were already exhibited in some galleries in Italy, it was in 1993, when winning the WELLA prize, that he really started his artistic career.

Starting as a sculptor, Papa’s pieces went from mínimum sizes to really big ones, but what really characterized his sculptures was the use of eccentric materials such as soap, graphite, found objects or cloth. His work represented  the use of different materials and languages.

After a while, his techniques widen up and Papa started also working with video, installation, painting and performance.

Some of the subjects he worries about are the aim of reestablishing the identity of materials that have been victim of the industrial prodcution, the power of objects, the chic, glamour and VIP stereotypes constructed by the media, language and advertising, and the lives and identity of particular people. All of his work has always very human and existential dimensions.

A very important moment in his career was when artist Franz West organized a group exhibition in Zurich and comissioned a work from Papa.

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