Marco Montiel-Soto

Birth placeMaracaibo, Venezuela Birth date1976

Marco Montiel-Soto, as traveller and immigrant, constantly finds himself returning forward. During these expeditions, the route becomes imaginary and travel time elastic. His work and installations are a creolization of architectural structures, collected found objects, sounds compositions, videos, photographs, drawings, collages, texts and maps. His work explores the intersections between political and poetic territories, homeland, traditions, economy, archaeology, religion, myths, death, cosmos and chaos.

In 2013 Montiel-Soto participated in Taller Bloc-D21 art residence program in Santiago de Chile and in 2015 participated in Permanencias art residence program in Lamosa Lab in Cuenca, Spain. His work is part of public and private collections, such as MOLAA – Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California; MACZUL – Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia in Maracaibo; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas and Instituto Italo Latino Americano in Rome and has been invited to global sound conferences for the Berliner Künstler-DAAD program.

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