Manuel Ángeles Ortiz

Birth placeJaén, Spain Birth date1895

Ángeles Ortiz is considered to be a key piece in the understanding of the Spanish artistic renovation that started in the early 20s until the Civil War. The painter influenced both the artists based in Paris as well as those working in Spain due to his involvement in the Litoral magazine. His work clearly suggests his profound interest in Picasso’s artworks. Ángeles Ortiz’s pieces convey Picasso’s language through late Cubist aspects, the importance of line and the aggressive use of volume. 

Is difficult to define and choose just a single style for Manuel Ángeles Ortiz. His work develops around the idea of experimenting with art creation. However, we must highlight his crystal clear rejection of abstract painting. Hence, his work evokes a poetic and lyric atmosphere similar to the artistic production of artist such as Klee, Benjamín Palencia, Ángel Ferrant, and even Alberto Sánchez, among others.

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