Magda Bolumar

Birth placeSpain Birth date1936

Despite having dedicated a lifetime to cultivate an extraordinarily visionary artistic practice and a deep, delicate and varied lyricism, Bolumar has always been framed in the context of the informal artists of the sixties. Her work, but, also describes an artist who is especially interested in establishing confluences between organic and constructive elements, precisely separating herself from those artists of her time who found their way of expression in the gesture, texture and physical alteration of the pictorial field.

The style of Magda Bolumar is characterized by the presence of forms that seem to evoke a world between dreamlike and cosmic. Her drawings stand out for the use of fine and rhythmic lines drawn on hazy backgrounds of intense colors. Its intention is to establish, based on geometric structures and structures that provide order and balance, some compositional tensions that come to evoke constellations or ramifications arising from nature.

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