Madalina Zaharia

Birth placeRomania Birth date1985

Mădălina Zaharia's work is concerned with the telling and re-telling of ideas, with the continuous and unfaltering reiteration of accounts and associations. It focuses on the relationship between memory and grammar and explores the unavoidable inadequacy between remembering and representation. Each piece is an actor with a prescribed set of actions and responsibilities, a character in her investigation, a thespian dressed with all her objects and desires. The very fine line between art, design and storytelling is constantly challenged and confronted by the language and visual vocabulary employed within her creative actions, transforming the exhibition space into a stage for conceptual discourse and abstract entertainment, an arena animated by gestures, objects and meaningful shapes.

Mădălina Zaharia graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Printmaking in 2012 having gained a Postgraduate diploma in Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art (CSM) in 2010 and a BA in Cinematography and Media at The National University of Arts, Bucharest in 2008. Solo exhibitions include: “DEBT.” (Tintype Gallery, London, 2017), “The Staging of an Exhibition” (Ivan Gallery, Bucharest, 2016), “LOOKING LONDON, TALKING TOKYO” (Tintype Gallery, London, 2015), “A well furnished room” (IngridProjects, London).

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