M Reme Silvestre

Birth placeMonóvar, Alicante, Spain Birth date1992

M Reme Silvestre, born in 1992 in Monóvar, Alicante, Spain, develops its work in different media and different media: from installation, video, photography and actions carried out live and its audiovisual record. It generates situations centered on sensory stimulation through substances belonging to the field of hygiene and body care with elements from sports imagery and synthetic biology.

It explores how technology and economics condition our physical and bodily perception, and how this relates to the vulnerability of individual will versus the strategies generated by biocapitalism in the first world. It focuses on the artificial character of the cult of healthy physical appearance, to make an approximation to the structures of power and the mechanisms of control over the body (biotechnology, progress, desire, consumption, etc.) in order to relocate them in a plane artistic.

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