Luis Gordillo

Birth placeSeville, Spain Birth date1934

Luis Gordillo (Seville, 1934) begins to become known on the national art scene in the Sixties when he establishes himself as one of the pioneers in the restoration of the treatment of figuration and the use of colour, inventing an artistic language that becomes a reference to a later generation of artists. His aesthetic proposal questions itself on the reflection of the subject, the relevance of the process faced with the product and the theory of perception. His work and creative process define an open artistic journey, leaving traces of a continuous challenge with which he seeks clarity in the expression of his inner tensions.

Gordillo’s experimentation stems from a constant reflection. Due to his decisive contribution to the shaping of the Spanish avant-garde and because of his long and consistent career, Gordillo has earned the Velázquez Prize 2007, recognition that expands with this retrospective. The exhibition has been designed in a space that is alive, a dynamic field of actions and reactions between the pieces, in which the artist himself has been deeply involved and proposes an unorthodox exhibition which stages narrative tension characteristic of his career.

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