Luis Canelo

Birth placeSpain Birth date1942

Bachelor of Philosophy and Education Sciences. Since his beginnings, Canelo has always focused on the interpretation of Nature from different approaches, but with permanent fidelity to this area of ​​reality. According to various stages, it has been alternating mineral or organic, descriptive or metaphorical approaches, with languages ​​sometimes inspired by biological fluidity or mineral solidity, and sometimes in the geometric structure of the natural order. Likewise, there are permanent oscillations between the directly observable landscape and micromaterial data that germinally conform it.

Given his works, he has the sensation of capturing natural areas in different scales: wide (landscapes, orographies, aerial perspectives), very intermediate (gardens, walls ...) or also very restricted (small elements, minerals or cell phones). And although geometric structures rationally organize space, interest in the larval state of Nature does not disappear, manifesting a certain echo of the pulsation or aroma of Matter.

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