Lúa Coderch

Birth placeIquitos, Perú Birth date1982

Using research not to become an expert on a particular topic but to explore the surface of things and the materiality of personal and historical narratives, Lúa Coderch uses a wide range of media and strategies to ask about the aesthetical aspect of topics like sincerity, enthusiasm, value or deception. Both things and anecdotes keep appearing once and again as characters in a great story that arises from the stringing of her different projects.


Lúa Coderch lives and works in Barcelona. She obtained a Master in Production and Art Research (2012) and a PhD in Fine Arts (2017) from the University of Barcelona. She has taught at several art schools and universities including the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona (UB), the School of Design of Barcelona (BAU), EINA, Barcelona’s University Center of Art and Design. In recent years she has received numerous scholarships and prizes including the DKV Prize for the Best Spanish Artist participating in Swab Barcelona (2016), the Lluís Coromines Foundation Award (2016), the BBVA Foundation Videoart Creation Scholarship (2015) and the Miquel Casablancas Prize (2015).


Her solo shows include Vida de O (CentroCentro Cibeles, Madrid, 2018), Shelter, (Sala Multiverso Fundación BBVA, Madrid, 2018) The Rainbow Statement (Compositions, Barcelona Gallery Weekend, 2016), Night in a Remote Cabin Lit by a Keronsene Lamp (àngels barcelona, 2015), The air was full of anticipation (BF15, Lyon 2015), Or (Fundació Suñol, Barcelona, La Muntanya Màgica (Espai 13, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona, 2014), Paràbola (Capella de Sant Roc, Valls, Collecting photographs of the family history (EspaiDos, Terrassa) and Strategies for disappearing (La Capella, Espai Cub, Barcelona, BCN Producció 2011.


Amongst her group shows we include As long as summer lasts, Tamara Kuselman, Lua Coderch and Andrea Canepa (The Ryder, London, 2018), As if we could scrape the color of the iris and still see, (Twin Gallery, Madrid, 2018), Prime Matter, (Fabra i Coats Art Center, Barcelona 2017 -18), Walking on ice (Center d'Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona, 2017), Species of Spaces (MACBA, 2015-16), Why don’t you call it entropy? (Meeting of Contemporary Culture of Guadalajara, Mexico , 2015), The air was full of anticipation (BF15, Lyon 2015), The World of Interiors (The Green Parrot, Barcelona, 2014) and The future doesn’t wait (La Capella, BCN Producció, 2014), The Nostalgic Dissidence, La Capella, Barcelona (2017). Her works are part of collections such as the MUSAC Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y León, DKV Seguros Contemporary Art Foundation, Lluís Coromina Foundation, the Cal Cego Contemporary Art Collection, the Fernando Meana Larrucea Collection, the Miquel Casablancas Collection (Barcelona City Council) ), the Guasch-Coranty Collection, among others.

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