Linas Jusionis

Birth placeVilnius, Lithuania Birth date1986

Jusionis main interests are three: the tensions between landscape and abstraction, narrative and self-reference and drama and idyll. Also, the concept of creating an image itself is a very significant subject in her work.

“The issue that dominates my art practice is the question whether image can function as referring to something authentic or is it in principle auto referential and in a way mute”, she says.

Painting is to the artist a system driven by the desire of constructing a meaning that results from the sum of perceptions and images, so it could be compared with the act of telling a story. Jusionis uses fragmented images as they appear in her mind, so the narrative of the works is very ephemeral and auto referential. Her paintings say more about how the process constructed in her mind than about the final meaning, so they are open to free interpretation, with no prearranged meaning beyond them.

Her use of landscapes is a projection of her personal experiences, as well as an important link to traditional painting, which matters to the artist, as well as a rudimentary link to a narrative.

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